John's of Bleecker - Sausage Pizza

The Best Pizza in New York City

Where: John’s of Bleecker
278 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10014

Why: There are some amazing Neapolitan pizzas all over the five boroughs (e.g. Motorino, Keste, Ribalta – we’ll do a separate post on that style). But for true New York pizza at it’s absolute best, there are a lot of contenders, but only one consistent winner that never fails to serve you the perfect crust, mozzarella, and sauce in absolute harmony – John’s of Bleecker.

What: The best uniquely New York-style pizzas are inspired by the Neapolitan-style, but are stretched a bit more thin and baked in coal ovens as opposed to wood. Most coal oven pizza joints throughout the city are going to serve you a solid pie, but none satisfy quite like John’s.

Our suggestion – stick to the simplest of pizzas such as the straight cheese or limit yourself to just one topping (sausage or pepperoni). 

John's of Bleecker - Sausage Pizza

John's of Bleecker - Cheese Pizza

John's of Bleecker - Sausage Pizza John's of Bleecker - Wall John's of Bleecker - Exterior

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