The Best Food Court in New York City

What: Hudson Eats
225 Liberty St, New York, NY 10080 (inside Brookfield Place)

Why: Whoever curated these places knows good food. No doubt, something for everyone. But the Blue Ribbon Sushi puts it over the top of the other upscale food courts like The Todd English Food Hall in the Plaza Hotel.

What: Feel like quality Sushi (Blue Ribbon)? BBQ (Mighty Quinn’s)? Noodles (Northern Tiger)? Burger (Umami)? Chicken sandwich (Fuku)? Pizza (Skinny Pizza)? Bagels(Black Seed)? French (Tartinery)? Tacos (Dos Toros)? Salad (Chopt)? Vietnamese Sandwiches (Num Pang)? Healthy (Dig Inn)?

Every food option here has a minimum standard of quality. There are other nice food halls in the city, but what puts Hudson Eats over the top is the ample, comfortable seating, no matter if you are skipping in for lunch, or bringing your significant other and/or kids for dinner or a weekend foodie hit.

May we also suggest you step downstairs to the French market for dessert (crepes, pastries).


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