The Best Activity for Tourists in New York City

Where: CitySights NY Double Decker Bus Tours
234 W 42nd St, New York, NY 10036

Why: The best way to experience a broad swath of the city in a short amount of time, all from a unique perspective.

What: Do you have friends or family coming in town, perhaps for their first trip to New York, and you aren’t sure what to do first? Native New Yorkers usually ignore the double-decker buses roaming around the city, but the bus tour is a surprisingly crisp way to see a significant amount of the city in an hour or two. And for the tourist, you get to see how massive the city is, how unique the different neighborhoods feel, and you can hop on and off at your convenience. And from up on the second floor of the bus, you’re seeing the city from a perspective even the natives aren’t used to. The tour guides are a mixed bag, but sometimes you get a genuinely funny and interesting host. 

Honorable Mention: The free Staten Island Ferry



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